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* Max CPM for 1 mil commercial views (Source: AIR Media-Tech)

** Country population (Source: Wikipedia)

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Whether you need subtitles, audio track in a new language, or want a turn-key translated and localized YouTube channel - we can do anything for you:

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We have proven expertise

We have been a YouTube Сertified Partner since 2011 and know the platform well. We have been translating YouTubers’ content since 2018 and know how to do it the best way.

We work with the best local talent

We have a pool of local talent in each language market for any type of content, ensuring the highest quality and authentic translation and localization of your content.

We can provide you with any translation solution

Whether you need subtitles in a new language, want to use the multi-language audio feature, or want a turn-key translated and localized YouTube channel - we will gladly do all of this for you and require only a minimum of your time.

We've done it many times

We have launched new language сhannels for 30 сreators in various сontent verticals (kids, teens, entertainment, and experiments), leading to creator revenue increases of up to 380%.

We invest in you

For selected creators willing to launch channels in new languages, we cover all expenses for the new market/language expansion: translation, dubbing, localization, and promotion of your new language channels.

AIR Translate & Investment in Action

Kids Diana Show more than doubled her audience through 19 translated and localized channels

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